In order to improve our community’s quality of life, the aim of the project proposal entitled “Integrated development project for advanced medical treatment technologies” (TERAMED) is to develop novel technologies with respect to the treatment of osseous and cutaneous conditions and oncological disorders. Given our experience in healthcare research and the current requirements for multidisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration towards reaching personalized treatment goals, the TERAMED project aims not only at genuine synthesis and processing of biomaterials, but also at functional and therapeutic evaluations relevant for clinical trials.

The main objectives of the “Medical devices functionalized by laser technologies and alternatives for enhanced osseous integration and regeneration” subproject are to design and produce inorganic, composite or hybrid coatings for superior osteoconductive and osteoinductive performances of titanium-based implants.

Smart wound patches and polymeric gels functionalized with antimicrobial and wound healing biomolecules incorporated within micro- and nanoparticles constitute the purpose of the “Medical devices (patches and gels) based on composite biomaterials obtained by laser, plasma and radiation technologies and alternatives for enhanced healing of cutaneous injuries” subproject.

The “Technologies based on magnetically triggered nanostructures for oncological therapy: early diagnosis and targeted treatment” subproject aims at the development of multifunctional medical devices for specific and selective diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and melanoma.

The general impact of the TERAMED project ensues from the beneficial conjunction of the clinical potential of the proposed medical devices, the feasible technological transfer and the economic advantages of inter-institutional collaboration.


Development of technologies for fabrication of medical devices with a minimal TRL 3 level for the treatment of bone, cutaneous and cancerous diseases.